Showcase: Veronica Rowlands

Showcase: Veronica Rowlands

London based Artist & Designer Veronica Rowlands talks to me about her work, her love for exploring the back streets of central London and what inspires her.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you & What do you do?

My name is Veronica Rowlands & I’m a London based Artist & Designer, whose currently being represented by Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill. I have a solo exhibition of my work at Free Space Gallery (Kentish Town) from 2nd February-3rd April 2015 (P.V 6th Feb 6.30-9pm)


What is your typical daily work routine?

I normally wake up early and aim to spend one hour on my social media pages & emails before I start the fun stuff & commissions, I also work as a workshop facilitator & tutor so challenge myself to get a certain amount finished before going out to teach and in the evenings I love to paint and create my own work.


What do you do in your spare time?

I never seem to have a great deal of free time, when I do I love my visits to London’s Museums & Art Galleries (I’m completely in love with the Museum of Childhood (Bethnal Green) & Pollock’s Toy Museum (Goodge Street) I also love to explore the backstreets of central London (there are so many little treasures to be found).


What triggers your creative spark and how do you see it through?

Going out and seeing things, Art Exhibitions, unusual ornaments/décor and Vintage Dolls (naturally)

Tree Of Life & Growth Orange

What tools and mediums do you use?

It varies depending on what I’m working on; Acrylics & Oil pastels are my favorites, however when I’m creating more intricate pieces I like to draw with fountain pen and work into on using Photoshop & Illustrator.

I studied Surface Pattern Design at University and so love to use Textile processes wherever possible, I especially like to embroider & bead onto my canvas paintings.


What one piece of your work best represents you?

I’d say all of my personal Artworks do this, as I am inspired from my surroundings and Dolls are always the main muse, If I had to choose I’d say my signature ‘Space Doll’ Illustration which is brand logo.

Space Doll

Who and/or What inspires you?

My work is inspired from Vintage & Ethnic Dolls, I have always grown up surrounded by my Mum’s collections of these and they instantly evoke feelings of childhood & nostalgia which I wish to share with the viewer.


What has been you most enjoyable piece of work to date?

I enjoyed designing the blog logo for Charity ‘Healthy Planet’: I also get great joy out of creating individual, personalized, Illustrated wedding commissions.


What/Who would be your ultimate client or dream job?

I have several: I’ve always loved the idea of creating quirky Men’s suit/coat lining prints for Paul Smith, flamboyant prints to be used onto ‘Irregular Choice’ shoes or designs onto Anthropologie’s ceramic & home-ware range.


If there is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring creatives, what would it be?

Just keep going & don’t be hard on yourself, it’s hard work but if you believe in your work you’ll get where you want to be eventually!

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll with Deer

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion doll with tree

You can see more of Veronica’s work and also follow her work over on the following links! 

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Don’t forget she has a solo exhibition of her work at Free Space Gallery (Kentish Town) from 2nd February-3rd April 2015 (P.V 6th Feb 6.30-9pm).