Showcase: Kate Rowland

Showcase: Kate Rowland

I catch up with Illustrator & Jewellery Designer Kate Rowland. She talks to me about her beautiful work, when she is at her most creative and what helps inspire her.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you & What do you do?

My name is Kate and I’m an illustrator and jewellery designer working in a village in Northamptonshire. My work is often inspired by television shows, films and my favourite pop culture references.

What is your typical daily work routine?

I try and maintain a strict routine as I work from home and it’s easy to get distracted! I usually try and get all emails and admin out of the way in the first couple of hours of the day, and when I’m awake I start work on making and packing orders, designing custom items and occasionally fitting in some drawing!

What do you do in your spare time?

I paint, read fiction, and I love running and cycling as we live in some beautiful countryside which is fantastic to explore.


What triggers your creative spark and how do you see it through?

I am definitely at my most creative when I pick up a pen and paper rather than looking at a screen. I love collecting things I find inspiring, reading, watching films, going to museums and exhibitions. I think the important thing is not too over-plan or over-think things, just go with the flow and keep on drawing!

What tools and mediums do you use?

Staedtler pigment liners, pencil and bristol board for designing my jewellery. I love painting with gouache, and sketching with paint liners or dip pen and ink.

What one piece of your work best represents you?

I’m not sure… maybe my ‘Damn Fine Coffee’ Twin Peaks brooch as it was the first thing I ever designed and I still love it. And I love good coffee!

Who and/or What inspires you?

Spending time on my bike, images of space travel, interesting lettering, working with new materials, visiting new places.


 What has been you most enjoyable piece of work to date?

I love working on custom designs and creating something unique for a client. I can’t think of one thing though!

What/Who would be your ultimate client or dream job?

Hmmm, I’d love to work on something for television so that my designs could go full circle and end up on tv themselves!

Feminist Floral Necklace

If there is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring creatives, what would it be?

Knuckle down and work hard, but enjoy yourself. Being a self employed creative means that your job sometimes consumes your whole life – make sure you take time for yourself too.

See some more of Kate’s amazing work online Here and pop over to her etsy store to buy some lovely jewellery!  You can also follow her on twitter @helloiamkate & Instagram; katerowland