Red Squirrel

Client: Julie Chen, Red Squirrel Is a new Scotch whisky dedicated to helping save Scotland’s Red Squirrel.?

Red squirrel populations have seriously declined, with only around 120,000 remaining in Scotland today!?
?The Invasive non-native grey squirrel, Squirrelpox, and Habitat fragmentation all contribute to the red squirrel’s decline.?

Julie got in touch after working with her on one of her other brands (Cheeky Panda) to work on her new mission – to help save one of Scotland’s most loved animals.? Each and every bottle purchased will be sending a % to help save the red squirrel.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging & label Designs
  • 3d place holder mockups of products

I worked with Julie to design the visual identity and packaging for the Red Squirrel brand. 

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