Missfits Workout

Client: Missfits Workout is a dance-based exercise class run by Becky Scott.

Missfits Workout is a body-positive, community based, exercise class for adults. To help Improve their well being through the enjoyment of exercise run by Becky Scott. Becky wanted a new cohesive brand identity for Missfits Workout, one she could grow with and help her take Missfits from being a part time evening class into a full time position. 


  • Mini brand strategy
  • Full brand Identity
  • Printed collateral
  • Social media design

Becky had a complete brand identity redesign for Missfits Workout which included logo design, fonts & brand colours. Once this was formed we then used the brand assets across collateral items to form a cohesive brand identity.

Becky Scott is a plus sized fitness trainer and her classes are 100% Body-positive. She supports ‘health at every size’ and to challenge the typical fitness stereotype to be more inclusive of all body shapes. To help others enjoy moving their bodies with more confidence. Designed for adults – typically plus sized – who do not feel at home in a traditional gym setting.

Becky draws people to Missfits Workout because of her positive personality, friendly & safe space and being a true & honest body positive fitness class. I wanted to design an identity which brings all this together, an identity which is empowering, vibrant & fun appealing to her ideal audience.

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