Organic Earth

Small family business based in rural New Zealand, Eco friendly products.

Organic Earth, is an organic, fair trade business. The products are handmade by local women in Nepal, from organic NZ wool. $1 from every item bought is given to a charitable cause, the first being to help a rebuild a school in rural Nepal which was damaged in the recent earthquakes.

The first product by Organic Earth are Dryer Balls, which are used in the tumble dryer and reduce the drying time for a load of washing, act as a natural softener and reduce the static build up on clothes. They replace the use of chemically laden dryer sheets, and so are gentler on your clothes, towels and sheets, especially for people with sensitive skin such as babies and young children. They can be used for up to 1000 loads of washing and are a completely natural and sustainable product that can go on the compost heap at the end of their lifecycle.

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