Hidden Treks

Crest Design for a Limited edition printed book offering least explored routes in the British countryside.

The Brief

Hidden Treks was first started by a group of expert hikers and trekkers based in the USA. They’ve been running a successful blog for a couple of years and have a recently set up a website offering guided treks to both popular and unseen places in the vast wilderness of America.

Since the design of their new website, business has boomed and they have been gaining a lot of traction from people asking for tips overseas. The main area of interest has been the UK so they’ve decided to release a limited edition printed book offering least explored routes in the British countryside alongside helpful advice and hints to those wanting to explore.

They’d like to take a different approach to the branding they currently have for their US readership and offer something unique for this continent that can be sold on their website and also sold in small, independent outdoor shops and boutiques across the UK.

Firstly, they want you to explore some crest designs for the cover of the book, they’re really inspired by simple line art alongside complimentary, sans-serif fonts. They love the natural green hues of the woods in the UK but would like an alternative, bright colour that pops against the more neutral, natural tones.

The title of the book will be ‘Time to explore’ and will be the first edition of many, hopefully to be published every six months depending on its success.

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