New product range of non-alcoholic cocktails in a can.

Project overview:

The non-alcoholic beverage market is forecast to reach USD 1252.54 billion by 2024, with that in mind ‘Mixed Up Drinks Co.’ have spotted a gap in the market. Their plan is to develop a new product range of non-alcoholic cocktails in a can for people that like the taste of cocktails but not the effect too many have on them.

Mixed Up Drinks Co. are well established in the on-the-go alcoholic drinks industry, but are looking for talented designers to take their new product range away from their current packaging.

They are looking for a design that disrupts the space and helps to compete for vital shelf appeal. They have stiff competition from the likes of, Fentimans, Fever-Tree and Belvoir Fruit Farms.

They already have an logo design that has good brand recognition which they have supplied. They are looking for a new direction to apply the brand to three new SKU’s (Gin & Tonic, Aperol Spritz and Mojito).

Art Direction:

I decided to go very bright and bold. I didn't feel the logo was particularly strong enough to cary the can design on its own. So I decided to head down a colourful illustrated route - something that would stand out on the shelves.

So after the general direction was set, I researched each non alcoholic ingredients of the 3 drinks and began by sketching these out.

This was then combined with a patten - which focuses on the subtle hues of the flavours. The colours resulted from each cans distinct tastes. Capturing the Brands four values, great times, good people, to share and together.




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