The Money saving logo

So you have taken the plunge and decided to start your own business venture. You have it all planned out down to the last detail, you just need to get your logo designed so it looks like a professional business. You type in ‘cheap logo design’ into google and bam your search is full of websites and companies that can offer ‘professional custom logo design’ for £25! Sounds great right? Not really, no. It can actually be more damaging to your business and here is why.

If you have only paid a fiver* for your logo design there is a very high chance that other people have also done the same thing and received a very similar design. You might be saving money short term, however cheap logo design has very little thought, originality and most importantly, impact. The purpose of a logo is to represent a business. If it looks the same as someone else’s, it has failed and will just blend in with all the other generic logo designs.

Quality design takes time and time equals money.

A professionally designed logo attracts attention, and leaves an everlasting impression in people’s minds. It will be original and unique to your business which will benefit you in the long run. They will take the time to understand whats unique about your brand and do the research involved in order to produce you a personal, unique & custom design.

You are unable to get this same quality of work when you are paying such a low price for a logo. The designer working on this for you will most likely also be working on a multiple of other logo designs in order to pay his bills. This is when we start to see generic work being produced as the designer does not have the time to work one on one with the client and he wont have the time to research and understand your brand.

People like to flaunt good logo design

When people start to appreciate a brand the logo essentially becomes a form of free advertising. It could be across all your products and a cheap logo will not stand the test of time. You will most likely end up within 1 – 2 years having your poor logo redesigned costing you double. Basically you get what you pay for.

Cheap logo design is not original and the majority of the time it does not look professional.

You need to invest into your Logo as it is a very important part of your brands identity. In order to achieve this you really do need to pay a professional designer to spend the time researching, creating concepts and making refinements. It will be worth it in the end once you have a unique, professional and timeless logo representing your business.