Illustration Gallery Updated

The Illustration page has now been updated with my more recent work, you may have noticed that the design page is currently under construction also. I have yet to get around to doing this, a large amount of my work has been poured into my illustration side of things and so I have pulled the design page down ready to be updated with some new exciting work.

I am excited to start 2012 and have many plans and ideas in the works for littlemscreative including more wedding stationary. It will be a slow process as I am currently over loaded with work so please do keep popping back and defiantly watch this space. If you follow me on my facebook page you will also know I am working on a D&AD brief Make your mark and i can tell you this is going well. Hopefully I will have a preview to show next time I post.

One thought on “Illustration Gallery Updated

  1. Felicity Sarah says:

    Wedding Stationary, well that sounds Fab! (& very convienent!!)