Has the business card become obsolete?

The internet has changed the way we use business cards. Sharing contact information is not the main priority anymore since we have social media and Linkedin to do this for us. Today the business card introduces your brand, acts as a marketing opportunity and is a strong first impression.

The business card has not become obsolete in the digital age. We simply need to understand when and how to use it appropriately.

Think Quality not Quantity

You need to take the time to engage with potential business contacts and build relationships at networking and conference events. If you are in a rush to hand out all your business cards to as many contacts as possible instead of engaging, people are less inclined to value you as a potential business contact. Physical communication creates a longer lasting impression.

A striking business card and a one to one engagement of sharing it creates an experience that the likes of social media and linkedin cannot replicate.

Make it unique

Separate yourself from your competitors. Make your card visually interesting and stand out from the crowd. Look at card stocks, different finishes or even add a splash of colour. You can have a unique business card what ever your budget.

Attractive Design

Try to get your business card designed for you by a designer. They will work one to one with you and make your business card relevant and fitting within your brand. There are online sites offering standard templates which you can slightly customise to a certain extend but it will not be as personal and it will not be unique. A designer will make sure it is compatible with your business and website keeping brand consistency.

Your logo serves as your brand

Is it relevant? Your business card holds little information. Typically you name, contact details and a logo. You need to be able to read the services that you are providing clearly. Think that each and every time you hand out one of your business cards you are giving out a potential marketing opportunity and introducing your brand to a potential client.

Lastly remember to follow up after exchanging your business card, this is where the internet jumps in. You cannot rely solely on your business card to do all the work for you. You have built the start of a connection, your business card has introduced the brand and a first impression. Follow up a week or so later with a short email or by connecting via social media or you risk your connection going cold.