Final Major Project

My project ‘label’ has finally finished. I am now only preparing everything for print and sending my book off to blurb to be published tomorrow. I think it has gone very well.Continue Reading..

Final Week

My final end of year show is within sight. I have only 3 production days left for any last minute editing and finalizing for my fashion branding  ‘Label’.  It has been another very fun project and I am extremely happy with the final outcome of this brands image. I look forward to sharing it with you, for further sneak previews of this project and how it has gone please visit here and don’t forget to ‘like’ my page.

The Logo concept

I had a break through with my logo concept on sunday, originally my design was rather sterile, its looked very mechanically produced and the only thing that was making it look a little softer was the colour scheme I had selected. I really was not happy with it, yes it was a beautiful logo out of context away from the brand it was being a visual identity for, however when I really stepped back and was being truthful with myself I admitted and found what was so wrong with it.Continue Reading..

Final Major Project

I have been getting stuck into my final major project for the past 3 weeks now and as part of this project I have had to collaborate with a make up artist, some lovely models and a photographer for my fashion photo shoot. This is something I have always wanted to try and had lots of fun directing it all. The fashion shoot went really well and the final theme I have chosen to go with and the final images are all looking great! More information to be revealed at the end of concept production, watch this space.

Collaborative Brief 2

I have now finished and handed in my 2nd project within the collaboration module. I worked with Cubiq Design’s director John Treby whom provided me with the brief Secret Agent Beauty. Secret Agent Beauty are a new cosmetics brand focusing on the eyes and lips. I produced the logo, packaging design and a GWP (gift with purchase). The brief was a shorter project than most of what we receive, which was good because it represents more realistically the turn around time of most briefs in the design industry.Continue Reading..

Its been a few weeks… snow has come and gone…

Not long left now of my final semester at Uni and then I will be unleashed into the big wide world of work. My self promotional brief has gone very well, i have received very nice comments regarding it and it has had a few minor tweaks since my last post.Continue Reading..

Self promotional work

So i have been working on the self promotional brief, my idea has developed into branding myself as if i were a fashion brand. This promotional package will be sent to graphic design companies who specifically create work for fashion brands.Continue Reading..

Specialist Pathways Brief

For my specialist pathways brief, i decided to assign myself a brief of creating a new creative arts and fashion magazine. I had to brand this magazine and also create illustrations for some of the articles that would feature in this magazine. We were put into contact with mentors working within the design industry to share our ideas and get feedback. I ended up working with two mentors and felt the overall project went really great.Continue Reading..

Back to Uni

I have finally gone back to uni after a good 3 months off illustrating for Amelia’s Magazine (an online blog) i produced 5 images for 5 different London Fashion Week shows. The first image you can see is for the David Koma article. Followed by House of worth, Kirsty Ward, Masha Ma and Awakening.Continue Reading..

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