Grow packaging design

I have finished developing the packaging design for my new concept brand Grow. The product is a grow your own range for children 3 years +, it has three different products including Strawberries, Sunflowers and Wildflowers.

Originally i was going to design a sleeve to wrap around a cardboard box which would hold the contents. However the packaging was designed with the idea that children like to hold items that they are going to purchase when they are with their parents. So i created my design using a happy meal style template.

The box will hold x3 coir pots – natural pots which can be planted into the ground once the seeds start to germinate into seedlings. x3 coir disks, compost disks which expand when adding water, x3 wooden markers and a packet of seeds. This kits will contain everything you need to start growing some plants with your children. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. All that is needed is the water, gloves, fork & spade.

Instagram killed the vimeo star?

Instagram has launched a new feature on thursday 20th june, enabling its users to be able to record 15 seconds of video, putting it in direct competition with Vine which was launched in january. Being both an instagram and vine user it has made it easier for me to switch over to just using instagram (sorry vine).

I’ve taken a quick look at the differences between Instagram’s video and vine’s.

Instagram sticks with its nostalgic element and comes with the cool feature of adding filters to the video after the recording – something i think is nice and enables users to enhance or change the look of their videos. Vine does not offer the use of filters.

Instagram offers the ability to capture 15-second videos. Vine offers only 6-second videos, the limitation of only having a short 6 seconds to record on vine always felt a little too short for myself.

Instagram has a Cinema feature that stabilises videos, which although vine does not have, i do not think this is a deal breaker, i rather like the unstable recordings as it gives the short videos a bit more life.

Instagram allows the user to choose its cover photo by selecting a frame of the clip which appear to other users in their feed. Vine does not have this feature and will simply auto-preset a video’s first seconds as its “cover”.

Vine videos will continuously loop compared to Instagram’s which does not loop, making vines more gif like. Instagrams video simply starts and stops – making the user press play to watch again.

Instagram has a wider share feature, allowing users to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and also email. Vine will only share to Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly for those who like to use the location feature, instagram allows users to search and browse for both photos and videos based on location using a map, which vine does not support.

I have seen some great vimeos* on both vine and Instagram, and will continue to use both. I do hope that instagram is not suddenly filled with people filming themselves making their dinner and coffee – pre photo snapshot – though.

It will be interesting to see how the video feature is used on instagram and also how vine reacts to this new feature, my twitter feed is already full of #teamvine so i do not doubt it will loose many of its users, it may simply just not gain many more?

Diana F+

Diana F+ – Diving into the world of Lomography, the Diana F+ camera instantly had us smitten.

We had been toying about with the idea of getting some old school camera’s and having some fun with developing and printing our own photographs for quite some time. We stumbled across a small selection of film camera’s whilst walking past a small independent store’s window and decided to go in and take a closer look. There was a few different types including the La Sardina and sprocket rocket range, however it was the Diana F+ with its large manual flash that caught my eye.

The camera is completely plastic so it appears almost as if it were a child’s toy camera, but the selection of interchangeable lenses and camera backs it has are by far the best in my opinion. The large range and options the camera gave you was one of the reasons we went for the Diana range.

It has been a while since I have used a film camera – really the only time I explored it was back in my AS level photography which was added as part of my national diploma design course! However I found loading the film simple – although you do have to be careful it does not jam or get stuck.
The camera gives you a choice of 12 or 16 frames with the standard 120 film – you can use 35mm film however you need to purchase the back for this separately.

I have used the fish eye lens a lot whilst snapping away over the past few months, so i look forward to checking out how they print once we get round to this part of the process!

The Unremarkable Book

The Unremarkable book and other stories, is a collection of short stories written by Chris Green. It will be released as a Ebook for people to enjoy and read. The cover was designed to be fairly unremarkable, but intriguing enough to catch your eye on an old bookshelf. To read more about this book and to see more of Chris’s work click here.



Daleys is a restaurant and coffee shop in the heart of Bury st Edmunds. It is a traditional restaurant with a wide ranging menu of delicious homemade dishes. However it is now looking fairly left behind compared to the rest of Bury st Edmunds. With the new development The Arc shopping center and its many new trendy and modern cafe and shops, there is more competition than ever but also the potential to attract lots of customers to its doors. I have started to produce a new concept to refresh the brands image and make it a top choice to stop for a drink or bite to eat.

Logo concept Unicorn Pug Invasion.

Unicorn Pug Invasion is a quirky touch-based multiplayer strategy game, which features flying unicorn pugs launched to attack an enemies base. The logo concept was developed and inspired by the He-man and the masters of the universe logo and She-ra princess of power logo, over a period of 8 hours. The game is still a prototype and was built during a 48hr game jam at Bossa Studios, it is based around internet meme culture, think 80s, candy pop but with a satirical edge.

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