The Logo concept

I had a break through with my logo concept on sunday, originally my design was rather sterile, its looked very mechanically produced and the only thing that was making it look a little softer was the colour scheme I had selected. I really was not happy with it, yes it was a beautiful logo out of context away from the brand it was being a visual identity for, however when I really stepped back and was being truthful with myself I admitted and found what was so wrong with it.Continue Reading..

Final Major Project

I have been getting stuck into my final major project for the past 3 weeks now and as part of this project I have had to collaborate with a make up artist, some lovely models and a photographer for my fashion photo shoot. This is something I have always wanted to try and had lots of fun directing it all. The fashion shoot went really well and the final theme I have chosen to go with and the final images are all looking great! More information to be revealed at the end of concept production, watch this space.

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